Atsuji Seminar
Last Update 2018 May

Springer [Link]

Unsafety: Disaster Management, Organizational Accidents, and Crisis Sciences for Sustainability

ISSS: International Society for the Systems Sciences [Link]

We already presented at Hull, UK, 2011; Vietnam, 2013; Berlin, 2015.

Gerhard Chroust [Link]

IFSAM: International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management [Link]

We already presented at Limerick, Ireland, 2012; Tokyo, 2014.

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration [Link]

Datasets and Images from NASA GISS [Link]

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [Link]

Sea Surface Temperatures [Link]

Max von Zedtwits [Link]

Michael Morley [Link]

Peiran SU [Link]

Atsushi NOZAKI: e-Patent [Link]

Yuzuru YASUDA [Link]

Kansai University, Faculty of Informatics [Link]